Thanks for your interest in volunteering! Get involved, meet cool people, and/or support a friend who is racing, Volunteers receive race swag and $15/hour in credits toward a future Lord of the Springs, Coast to Coast Gravel Grinder, or any of our adventure races or trail running races for them or a family member. NO training/committee meetings in advance of the race! We know your time is valuable.

REGISTER to volunteer. Check the Volunteer box, scroll way down to the bottom to click register, and then you can select your preferred role(s) and times.

Please indicate your preferred roles (see list below) when you sign up in BikeReg. Some roles will fill up over time but we’ll do our best to get assign you to a role that works well with your time available.

Contact us if you have special skills or equipment to offer (e.g., CPR certified, bike rack and/or ideally a AWD/4WD vehicle to pick up racers who drop out, etc.) or to learn more. Roles start at various times from 6:30 am ranging to about 9:00 am. Most roles will end around 1:15 although if you are at an intersection and the sweeper has gone through, you would be done earlier. Let us know if that’s needed for you to help. Clean-up roles will probably end by 2:00 pm.