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Divisions & Prizes

Divisions & Prizes
A 1st place prize (and trophy) will be given regardless of how many are in that division. If you are the ONLY woman fatbiker, for example, you definitely deserve recognition for that! A 2nd place prize will be given if there are a minimum of 5 entrants in the division. 3rd place if minimum of 10.

1st place finishers will get first pick of the prizes. 2nd place will get next and so on. That way everyone has a good shot at getting something they can use.

We will add more age-group divisions if the number of participants warrants it. We reserve the right to adjust prizes and divisions based on registrations.

Overall winners are pulled OUT of the divisions so a rider could bump up into the prizes from a lower place.

Lord of the Springs is part of the Michigan Gravel Race Series.

Men 14-29 (may split in two)
Men 30-39
Men 40-44 (40-49 has been split due to high #s)
Men 45-49
Men 50-59
Men 60+
Men Single Speed Open
Men Fatbike (minimum 3.7” tire width)
Clydesdale (220 lb+)

Women 16-29
Women 30-39
Women 40-49
Women 50+
Women Single Speed Open
Women Fatbike (minimum 3.7” tire width)

Tandem (Open gender / age)

Top Finisher Prizes
The top three overall male and female finishers of the 36-mile race will receive the following cash prizes. These finishers can come from age groups OR individual specialty divisions (singlespeed, fatbike)

  • 1st Place: $200
  • 2nd Place:$100
  • 3rd Place: $50

Beginner/Youth Race
Likely four divisions depending on number of racers in each: adult males, adult females, youth males, and youth females. Prizes TBD.

Push/balance and Kids Race
All participants will receive a medal.

Format TBD. May award before the race or split between racers at awards ceremony and racers arriving after ceremony.

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