Camp Manitou-Lin/Yankee Springs, MI
September 9, 2023
19 or 37 miles of legendary singletrack and gravel

Weave through the epic singletrack trails at Yankee Springs Recreation Area.
Hammer the fast but hilly gravel roads and two-tracks of Barry County.
Conquer both and you will be a Lord of the Springs.

  • Start in waves with a 5 mile lead-out, mostly on gravel.
  • Follow with 6 miles on the challenging Yankee Springs Deep Lake mountain bike trail.
  • Grind out 18 miles of Barry County gravel roads, Audobon Sanctuary scenery, and the infamous Sager and Shaw two-tracks (5 miles of fast gravel/paved for the 24-mile race)
  • Tackle an additional 3 miles of Deep Lake singletrack (19-mile race takes a rugged two-track instead of the singletrack).
  • Finish fast with 5 miles on mostly gravel roads.

$1,000 from race proceeds will go to build and maintain our awesome area bike trails, including Yankee Springs, via the West Michigan Mountain Biking Alliance.

Lord of the Springs’ short and long courses are part the Michigan Gravel Race Series. See their website for all the details.

bicycle racers on two track

mountain biker on Yankee Springs singletrack trail