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Key Stats
Mileage: 26.1 miles (could be slightly inaccurate due to GPS limitations in twisty, forested trails)
Elevation Gain: 1,640 ft. Keep in mind that the graphic is scrunched up. There are no really steep hills except perhaps Bassett Lake Rd. For comparison, the Barry-Roubaix 22-mile course is 1,200 ft. and the 36-mile is 2,200 ft.

GPX & TCX Tracks
Download from desktop computer. Garmin instructions. Strava instructions.
GPX file (Download link under map above; basic GPS track, compatible with most GPS devices)
TCX file (GPS track with turn-by-turn directions, compatible with newer GPS devices)

Cue Sheet
Cue sheet (turn-by-turn instructions) for gravel road section. Follow cues starting with “Right onto Gun Lake Road.” Strava gets a little confused in the singletrack obviously. Use the Start-Finish map and any of our maps showing the Deep Lake Mountain Bike trails for the singletrack sections. Remember to follow the yellow arrows for race day flow (Tues., Wed., Saturday), reverse of traditional flow.

It’s a dangerous business, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.

26 mile race printable “Middle Earth” hybrid map (PDF, 1.75 MB)
26 mile marker map
26 mile start-finish-thin out map (with 3/4 Mile thin-out loop)
6 mile beginner/youth race (2 mile loop x 3)



26-Mile Race Route Description

  • Start & First Singletrack Section: After a 0.75 mile “thin-out” loop in the Deep Lake Campground (watch thin-out loop video here to see how this will look) you will enter into the famous and revered Deep Lake mountain bike trail system. You’ll follow the normal Saturday flow which is clockwise (opposite from the traditional flow), taking the southern trail west toward Devil’s Soup Bowl.
  • Gravel & Two-Tracks: You’ll hang a left at the Graves Hill Overlook parking area and head south on two tracks and gravel roads. After surviving the infamous Sager Road (our version of Mordor perhaps?), you’ll hammer several miles of scenic and moderately hilly gravel roads throughout Middle East. First a little south, then east, then north, then west, and finally south, eventually onto the rugged Bassett Lake Road (“road” is a generous term) with a lung-busting climb.
  • Final Singletrack Section & Finish: You’ll finish the race with a final 5 miles of pure Deep Lake awesomeness, entering in at the Pines section. Look for the Section C medical sign for your turn-off (and signs on race day of course). Don’t go straight after turning right; take a quick left and follow the trail along the road before turning right and climbing into the ridge of pines. After some intermediate-level riding with a few moderately technical spots (watch rocky descent video here for one of these spots; nothing crazy relative to other trails in the lower peninsula), the most challenging of the day, you’ll have some windy but fast trail before finishing in the campground, aka the Shire, where you will be welcomed home as a Lord of the Springs.
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